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k janice carrol, worlds most fascinating woman

Janice Carroll



JANICE CARROLL - worlds most fascinating woman


"The World's most fascinating woman"


"The most fascinating woman in the world, Janice L. Carroll, speaks 7 languages

and has traveled to some of the most exotic and exciting places in the world.

Anyone who has had the good fortune to have met this exceptional woman,

will always remember her, not only for her radient beauty, but for her kindness and humor.

Janice Carroll, in my opinion, is truly the:

World's most fascinating woman


janice carroll





Janice is the most fascinating woman I have ever met. Janice traveled to some of the most exotic and interesting part of the world, long before met her. Once together, Inever ceased to be amazed by how easily and quickly Janice would pick up new languages and ma ke friends where ever we would travel together,

Australia, Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, England, Holland, Belgium, Mexico, and Canada are just a few of the many places we have explored together. Before I met Janice, she had already traveled extensively to places like Japan, Mexico, HongKong, and other places in the far east.

I have never met anyone who has found so much joy and adventure in life. Every day that I wake up next to this wonderful and exciting woman, I thank God.

Janice is in my opinion also the:

"World's most interesting woman"

Janice Carroll is the worlds most interesting woman, since each day spent with Janice allows me to learn something new and interesting about her.


Just a few of the many things and places Janice Carroll has done and been:

* When the Iron Curtain came down in Germany, Janice Carroll was there.



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